Stars + Stripes USA
36th Americas Cup

Stars + Stripes USA
Stars + Stripes USA

About Stars + Stripes USA

The first all-American entry in over 15 years to compete for the America's Cup, the Stars + Stripes USA was co-founded by world champion sailors, Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield. Their goal is to build an inclusive and authentic American team, win the 36th America's Cup and inspire the next generation. Representing the Long Beach Yacht Club, Stars + Stripes USA is honoured to reignite the iconic Stars + Stripes brand, a name that for decades defined American excellence in the sport.

Team Achievements

  1. The team has assembled some of the best minds in American boat building and yacht design to push the boundaries of innovation
  2. They will be learning from global experts as part of a grassroots approach to win the Cup
  3. They are working to create a sustainable legacy for the American yacht industry

Why did you choose Musto?

As foiling technology allows sailors to take bold steps in personal achievement, Musto allows us to push our limits by designing the next generation of products.

Stars + Stripes USA are on a mission to win the 36th America’s Cup - winning the most prestigious trophy in sailing means that we need to be wearing the best technical sailing kit on the market.

Our team and Musto both have a winning mentality and we both recognise that being stronger on the inside means we can go beyond and succeed.

What is your future goal?

  1. To win the 36th America’s Cup
  2. Win hearts and minds
  3. Create a sustainable legacy for the American yacht industry

Top tip for anyone starting out in your sport?

Sailing has so many variables that the most important thing is to recognise that you will never know everything about the sport. Go out and spend as much time out on the water as possible, practicing and learning at every opportunity you can.

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