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About Craig Newby

I'm Craig Newby a proud Kiwi living in Surrey England. I am a former New Zealand All Black and Leicester Tigers Rugby player currently a Director of Rugby in a London South West High School. My passion is deer stalking, but always keen on any outdoor pursuit including wild boar hunting, any wild fowling and fishing.

When did you first get into hunting?

My first venture into hunting was on the family farm with an old rimfire .22 rifle shooting rabbits, but my first big hunt was with a rugby friend out for a Fallow deer in Dunedin NZ. We took two nights of hard hunting to finally get one, and I was instantly hooked on the feeling of the hunter gatherer emotion. We processed the deer and all meat was given out to friends to enjoy. Over the next 20 years I have fallen in love with more deer species across New Zealand, England and Europe, as well as experiences multiple other types of hunting and fishing. The ability to provide for my friends and family, spent time out in the wilderness and the hard work it takes is what makes me go back again and again.

Any particular shoot days that stand out in your memory?

My first big Fallow Buck in Oxfordshire with close friend Owen Beardsmore stands out as one deer stalk, I will cherish. The cold October morning during the rut, calling in a rutting buck is an unrivalled experience. My first trip to Prague to shoot wild boar was especially unique, living the amazing traditions in the middle of the a Czech Republic forest stands out as a special memory. In terms of achievements in the field, I judge these on the memories of stalking Red, Fallow, Sika, Muntjac, Rusa and Chinese water deer and the many friends I have met and hunted with over the past 20 years. My friendship with Musto has been a personal highlight, sharing the passion for the outdoors has been an amazing journey so far.

What are some misconceptions that people have about the sport?

I have grown up learning and living a respectful approach to the shooting life. Having an understanding of the management of animals and their habitat, as well as harvesting food for the table, really helps others understand why sustainable and respectful hunting is a big part of my life. There is a misconception is shooting is a rich person sport and hard to get into, this is the opposite should you be keen to try. The UK have many local gun clubs that provide clay shooting, range shooting and lessons for beginners and experienced alike. To get into the field, there are also many sporting agents who can provide all equipment and experiences to have a go. The stand out for me is Cervus-Uk, where Owen Beardsmore can offer most types of shooting across England and Europe for all levels of experience.

Why is the clothing you wear so important and why do you choose Musto?

The biggest needs for good clothing for me is simple, the weather and the landscape!! You need to dress for the climate and with both NZ and UK weather it can be extreme and widely variable. I choose Musto as the clothing provides such quality to keep the elements out whilst staying breathable for comfort. From the ancient Beech Forest of Oxfordshire, the marshlands and farming landscape of Suffolk to the Hills of Scotland and snow laden mountains of Europe, Musto provides all types of clothing for these, dark colours help to blend in with these envirnonments which gives me an advantage over the animals im after. Best of all, look good, shoot good. #GearToGetTheDeer

Do you have a favourite piece of Musto kit? Why would you recommend it?

I have two favourites from my range of awesome Musto items. First is my Musto Fleece Gilet, it goes over anything to keep me warm, it's quiet when brushing passed branches and crawling on the ground to get into a shooting position and has never ever let me down. The second is my Gore tex lightweight jacket, the name says it all, light, waterproof and packs down small enough for a day pack when the weather is unpredictable.

What are your plans for the next few years? Any goals you have your eye set on?

I've just taken on an estate in Hertfordshire to manage the local Muntjac population and I'm looking forward to the next few years of recon, winter feeding, setting out highseats, and spending time in the trees watching and stalking the healthy munjac deer. I've got a hunting trip to Alaska and USA planned for 2022 with some kiwi mates, and I'm looking towards October 2021 when I'm heading to Scotland for the annual Red stag rut.

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