Freya Sewell

Meet Musto Ambassador Freya Sewell
Meet Musto Ambassador Freya Sewell

About Freya Sewell

Freya Sewell is a rising star in the Optimist class. At the tender age of 10, she had already shown immense sailing potential, having been selected to represent Great Britain at the 2018 European Optimist Championships. She continues to take influence from her father, an avid sailing enthusiast, and from her brother, Haydn, a Team GBR competitor and Optimist World champion. With passion, determination and talent exceeding her years, Musto is proud to have Freya as its youngest ambassador yet.

In Her Own Words

My name is Freya Sewell and I am proud to be sponsored by the best brand ever… Musto. I sail in an Optimist in lots of different places. I have a brother, Mum and Dad (and a rabbit) who are very supportive with my sailing.
I have been sailing since I was 7 years old (I’m now 12). I mainly sail in my Optimist doing major events and local regattas but sometimes sail in other boats, like a Feva, in club racing.
I started sailing because of my brother and dad. My dad was sailing and passed this onto my brother. I was always at lots of events when my brother was sailing and I just wanted to have a go too. Once I started I loved it!
At the moment I currently sail an Optimist. I have been sailing an Optimist because that’s what my brother started in so I started to make friends in the class before I sailed. I learnt lots about the boat before I started sailing and when you start sailing them they’re great boats to learn in and the racing is really fun and competitive.

Personal Achievements

The best thing I have achieved so far is making lots of fabulous friends. I’ve also achieved zone squad twice. I’ve been selected for the south zone ET team and competed in all of the major UK Optimist events. I’ve also raced in France and the Netherlands. Because of this my results are getting better and better and I’m going up in the rankings.

Why choose Musto?

I love Musto kit because it’s so good. It keeps me warm even in the coldest weather. It’s such good quality and style and never rips.
My favourite piece of Musto kit is probably the Youth Championship ThermoHot Wetsuit. I love it because it’s so thick, warm and very flexible and easy to put on.
This isn’t my only favourite piece of Musto kit. The whole range is amazing.

Future goal

My future goals in sailing are to be in the Olympics (hopefully with my best sailing friend Molly) and to become famous and to be a million better times at it.

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