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About Mhairi-Ann Troup

Mhairi-Ann Troup first discovered Clay Pigeon Shooting when she was only 8 years-old. Growing up in the highlands and spending life outdoors the sport was a natural fit and the perfect way for her to spend quality time with her father, brother and sister forming memories that she will cherish forever. After progressing to local competitions and securing some victories she was truly hooked! Now Mhairi-Ann is CPSA coach and is giving back to the sport by helping to share her years of experience with the younger generations.


When and why did you become a coach with the CPSA?

I became a level one instructor in 2006. I had been a member with the CPSA and had competed in County/National levels, I saw the advertisement for courses to become a Shooting Instructor in their magazine, I wanted to give something back to the sport.


What’s the most rewarding thing about being a coach? Do you have any standout memories?

For me it’s all about the first experience and the new generation. Seeing somebody become hooked on this sport gives me a real buzz, particularly children and Ladies. There are too many memories to list, but one that sticks out from rather recently was when I was instructing the Birmingham Ladies Football Team, it was so much fun and very rewarding to introduce professional footballers to a new sport!


How would you describe the sport to someone who has never tried it or who doesn’t think it’s for them?

It’s a fantastic, safe, skilled sport. An exciting and rewarding escape from the pressures of modern life. The challenge of competing against the clay provides a truly thrilling experience.


What are some of your personal ambitions within the sport?

My initial ambition is to drive forward with my Starshots Initiative with the new generation of shooters. I would also like to compete again now that my children are older. And of course I want to be the best female coach in the UK.


As for the future, I am looking forward to developing more young talent and instructing more Premier Ladies Football teams. I cannot wait to work with the Musto team. I’m so excited to receive their products and I’m particularly looking forward to being involved with new product development.

If someone is considering getting into coaching, what is your best advice on this?

Definitely contact the CPSA, they have fantastic Senior Coaches that can offer advice and support, possibly as a mentor. Contact them and absorb their expertise and advice to progress forward.


Musto are excited to welcome Mhairi-Ann to the team!


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