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Musto sets sail with Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

Musto CEO Peter Smith recently joined Ellen MacArthur during Round The Island Race, to experience first hand the work she is doing with Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Musto have been involved with Ellen since the start of her sailing adventure 20 years ago and have been involved with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust since its launch in 2003.

The trust is all about helping young cancer survivors between the ages of 8 and 24 rebuild their confidence and start to enjoy life again, many of the young people there were on their 3rd or 4th visit and several had now become volunteers helping other young cancer survivors.

The trust helps around 550 young people a year, this represents just 8% of young cancer survivors, which is a shocking statistic.

Ellen MacArthur Sailing

Round The Island Race was a wonderful day out with the most inspiring children and dedicated caring group that form the trust team, and of course Ellen.

The children were amazing, so brave, so selfless and so excited to be doing something adventurous with others who understood exactly what they had been through. If they got tired or felt ill no questions needed to be asked, everyone simply understood the impact that the cancer and treatment had had on them.

Ellen is a very special, thoughtful and inspiring, dedicated to her trust and so kind and caring around the children. Just a word from her brought a smile to their faces. Ellen also spoke a lot about her other interest which now absorbs most of her time – the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It focuses on the ‘Circular Economy’ and using online learning to inspire this generation to rethink, redesign and rebuild a sustainable global economy.

Ellen MacArthur

We sailed all day long, it wasn’t about speed but about enjoying the day together. Things got a little rough around the needles and their were a few green faces, but only for a couple of hours until we turned home and crossed the finish line. The children then picked up fish and chips and their Musto gift packs, thanks to Sue and Karen for organising.
The day out was an inspiring, humbling experience that brings tears to your eyes, but also a smile to your face knowing that in some way we are able to help. Big thanks to everyone at Musto and to the wonderful Ellen MacArthur Trust.




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