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Rebuilding the Lives of Young Cancer Patients with The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

When a young person has suffered with cancer, it can take a long time to rebuild their confidence. They have missed out on chunks of their childhood, may have low self-esteem from the physical effects of cancer treatments, and have had their independence taken from them.

That’s where the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust steps in. Taking young cancer patients aged 8 to 24 on sailing trips provides the catalyst for teamwork and fun where the young people can regain confidence and make new friends.

The Trust has recently expanded their work into Scotland, offering an additional 173 young people the chance to sail in the breathtakingly beautiful waters of Scotland with others who have faced the same challenges. A successful pilot in 2013 and a second year of operating in 2014 paved the way for this new venture.

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Now in their 12th year, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has grown beyond all expectations into a national charity. They are working with every young person Principal Treatment Centre and a growing number of Designated Units in the UK – a phenomenal reach. Expanding from the Isle of Wight off the South Coast of England to Largs, Scotland comes as part of a three year plan to double the number of young people they take sailing.

Amy Quinn, aged 21 from Glasgow, finished treatment in June 2013 for ovarian serous carcinoma. She took part in one of the first sailing trips from the new base and shared about why the Trust trips are so important to young cancer patients:

"This is my second trip with the Trust and it’s been really exciting to come back and learn a bit more about sailing. It’s so important to meet other people who know what you have been through, to be able to talk about it all. The trips are just the best thing ever and it’s so exciting that more people will have the opportunity to experience it.”

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust said, “A huge thank you to Musto for supporting us for the past 11 years. Your clothing helps us to protect our young people from the sun, keep them warm, dry, safe and happy. THANK YOU!”
At Musto, we are proud to have been long-term supporters and have the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust as our official charity. For more information, visit the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.



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