Will is an experienced sailor and the Co-Skipper of Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco. Currently he is helping prepare Boris Herrmann for the Vendee Globe. A single-handed round the world sailing race starting on November 8th.

What does adventure mean to you?

For me, adventure usually involves stepping away from land. There are few places left to really be isolated with nature, the ocean being one of them. The environment of the ocean is also never the same on any 2 days. The weather is constantly changing, and the adventure is in adapting to each unique weather situation. I also enjoy the competitive edge of Ocean Sailing as it gives a purpose to be at sea and to keeping pushing the boat as fast as possible.

But also, there are moments during a race when you can step back and take in what is around you and enjoy being so far from civilisation. It is sometimes disconcerting to know that you are the only one onboard too with little chance of someone being close by to help should something go wrong.

But I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out for myself and the risk of being alone at sea is the cost of this..

“I’ve tried plenty of products but none have ever come close to the standards of the Musto HPX"

Why are the outdoors important to you?

I’ve always searched for ways to do something different from everyone else and planning trips based around this. Being brought up near London, it’s not easy to do this, so you either need to get thoughtful or get outdoors. Somewhere. I will always choose to be outdoors rather than not and I’ll always live like that.


My inspiration comes from making sure we leave behind a planet and ocean for future generations. To make sure the adventures and experiences we have in the outdoors are possible for future generations too. At Team Malizia our values lie in acting for climate change.

We aim to spread this message as far as possible and use our ocean racing as a platform to do this. Whilst sailing, sailing, we are zero emissions and use only renewable energies onboard. We also collect scientific ocean data so that we may better understand how humans are changing the ocean & atmosphere.

Why do you choose Musto?

As a sailor, it will have to be the world renowned HPX Ocean Trouser and Smock. I’ve tried plenty of products but none have ever come close to the standards of the Musto HPX. One of THE most important things in ocean racing is staying dry and comfortable for days at a time, because as soon as you are not things start to go downhill.

For me, the smock with rubber seals and no neck protection are very important when working on the foredeck in big waves and wind. I need to be able to hear what is going on when so far from the helm whilst making sure my kit is up to taking the water volume of waves.

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