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Equine Clothing For Hot Weather

Everyone’s talking about it. The hot weather is finally upon us – which means more time to do the things we love. To really give horse riding all you’ve got this season, however, you need to make sure you’re dressed to stay cool, dry and comfortable. 

Horse riding in hot temperatures 

Don’t dispense with specialised equestrian gear in favour of shorts and a tee or a vest top. Comfort and safety are key in the saddle so keep your head in the game by always wearing your riding helmet, and opt for light coloured clothing that reflect the sun, not dark colours that trap it. When you’re hacking, lighter colours will also ensure that you’re not acting as a homing beacon for insects. (Fly repellent is also essential and doubles up your protection against these unwanted distractions).

Summer riding tips

  • It's all about timing: Try to avoid peak temperatures by riding in the morning or evening. Being subjected to extreme heat isn’t great for horse or rider, so to avoid heatstroke and heat exhaustion, time your rides right. It may also be an idea to add an electrolyte supplement to your horse’s diet to replenish the levels lost when sweating.
  • Keep Hydrated: As with any exercise, staying hydrated is the key to performance, so make sure you keep drinking. Horses will drink around 20 gallons a day, so make sure your horse has access to plenty of cool water. And keep the temperature of the water cool, not cold, to avoid your horse cooling down too rapidly. This can cause muscle cramp. 
  • Scrub up well: Which leads on to this next point: cleaning the sweat off your horse stops it developing sores. Use clean water to wash down your horse, paying particular attention to where the sweat collects most: the hind legs. Again, cool not cold water to avoid muscle cramps. Walk your horse afterwards for 5-10 minutes to relieve the muscles and release heat from the inside.
  • Add a dash of cream: From fly repellent to sun cream, safeguard yourself from your environment by slathering on as much as you need of both. Horses can burn too, so make sure your trusty stead’s pink and white areas are especially covered, as they are most susceptible to catching the sun.


Musto's equestrian collection: Hot weather riding

Although it may be tempting to expose as much skin as possible, technical fabrics can provide more of an advantage when it comes to being and staying cool. Garments designed from lightweight fabrics with vented constructions encourage airflow, while UV treatments keep your skin safe during sun exposure. To enhance your comfort and minimise chaffing when you build up a sweat, garments featuring wicking fabrics help move perspiration away from the skin where it can be easily evaporated.

Musto’s designers considered all of this when designing pieces for its Equestrian Clothing Collection. Some of its key pieces for your hot weather riding wardrobe include:

Transition GORE-TEX® Equestrian Jacket

If you live in the UK, you know, and know well, that just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean it’ll be sunny. Musto’s Transition GORE-TEX® Jacket features a fully-taped and breathable 2-layer GORE-TEX® construction, a YKK AquaGuard® waterproof zip and a rollaway hood to keep you dry and protected if you’re ever caught short in a shower. Drawing upon the popular Arena Jacket, this garment also features a cuff extension in the same melange fabric, with thumb loops to keep your sleeves in place, for an impeccable pop of style.

Ladies Gore-Tex Equestrian Jacket BlueLadies Gore-Tex Equestrian Jacket Pink

Women's Performance Stock Shirt

Competition dress guidelines can be pretty strict, which is why this Women’s Performance Stock Shirt keeps in line with these while offering noticeable style and performance. Smart but also highly technical, it features a turtleneck collar with a stock loop. Perforated underarms and sides will cool you down as you pick up the pace, while contoured, flatlock seams offer an ergonomic fit that eliminates chaffing. Made from fast-wicking, fast-drying fabric, with a UPF 40 treatment that helps protect your skin in extended to moderate sun exposure.

Womens Equestrian Stock Shirt PinkWomens Equestrian Stock Shirt Blue

Women's UV Performance Long Sleeve Top

Every summer rider should consider this incredible top an essential. Made from highly wicking and highly protective fabric (it features a UPF 50 treatment for strong sun exposure), this long sleeve top has been specifically made to enhance your performance in hot weather. Again, flatlock stitching is undetectable on your skin, eliminating chafing when active while its pull-on style, with a gusset and adjustable webbing top strap, makes dressing effortless. A stock loop makes it suitable for use in competition.

Womens Equestrian UPF Top



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