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About The Magenta Project

We are an all-female sailing team with a mission is to help push women through the ranks of the sailing world and marine industry, and strive to achieve this by creating pathways, leadership opportunities and seeking to drive change. As the first all-female team to race in the World Match Racing Tour as tour card holders in its 22-year history last year, we couldn’t wait to get out there on a M32 and try match racing at 30kt+. Add to that a very short race course, one-on-one combat, boundaries and top competition and you’ve got to ask yourself what’s not to love!

Personal Achievements

Between us we have:

  • 6 Olympians
  • 3 laps of the planet (Volvo Ocean Racers)
  • 8 World Championship titles including 4 Women’s Match Racing World
  • 23 World Championship medals
  • 10 + years of match racing experience

The Magenta Project - The Team
The Magenta Project - The Team - Mobile Image


Why choose Musto?

We like to compete in the best available gear. There are many things that are difficult to control on the water but making sure you can move, be protected and stay warm or cool can have a big impact on performance. Musto is the best you can get, whether you’re racing an M32 inshore, or charging offshore in the middle of the Southern Ocean! We know their gear won’t let us down.


Future Goals

As Team Magenta, we are striving to consistently get into the quarter finals of all WMRT events in 2017 and the semi-finals of the championship event. As part of the Magenta Project we are also trying to help pave a path for more women to compete at the top of their sport and create opportunities for them to race high performance boats.


Top Tips for beginners

Get out on the water and learn as much as you can. It doesn’t matter what you’re sailing or who it’s with, you’ll always learn something - that’s the best thing about our sport. We’ve raced 15 year olds and 65 year olds alike: there are no limits, no matter who you are!


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