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Newby tests the Woodhall PrimaLoft® Jacket

The Woodhall PrimaLoft® Jacket may be one of our most striking country jackets, but can it endure when put to the test? Rugby star and shooting enthusiast Craig Newby finds out.

“The Woodhall PrimaLoft® Jacket is unashamedly my favourite Musto piece right now. It’s a good looking jacket, that I’ve worn many a time walking the dog in the countryside and whilst watching rugby matches. The striking Scottish tweed and wax combination makes it a stylish and practical choice for spending winter outdoors.

Craig Newby _testing shooting Jacket Shooting Jacket Test

But I was yet to put it to the test out on a shoot. So on a cold, drizzly day in Staffordshire, I decided to wear it out duck shooting.

First things first, this jacket is warm, seriously warm. The PrimaLoft® insulation is lightweight and awesome. The Scottish tweed gives another layer of warmth too, and the waxy outer and high collar keeps the drizzle off.

I was warm all day in the cold Staffordshire countryside and even when the action heated up I didn’t get hot due to the fabric’s high level of breathability. The big front pockets were great for keeping plenty of cartridges in and the pockets behind them are ideal for keeping hands warm.

I teamed the jacket with my Shooting Crew Neck Knit jumper. Despite the layers the jacket’s sleeves didn’t restrict any of the movement in my arms when swinging through for shots.

This jacket has certainly cemented its position at the top of my list. Five stars for the Woodhall!”

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