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Preparing For The Glorious Twelfth

The glory of the British game season is once again nearly here. As is one of the greatest sporting traditions unique to rural Britain. It’s been a patient wait to smell cordite in the field once more. But now the cartridges are packed, the shoot has been organised and the Glorious Twelfth is well within sight.         

You may be prepared for the thrill of the shoot, but are you ready to handle Britain’s wild Northern moorlands and inconsistent weather?    

What is The Glorious Twelfth?

The 12th of August, commonly celebrated as the Glorious Twelfth, marks the start of the British game shooting season. It declares the Red Grouse, a medium sized and much-prized bird unique to Northern England and Scotland, as fair game. Known for their distinctive and often unpredictable flight pattern, this bird can quickly reach 80mph and offers a discernible challenge for even the most experienced Gun.

With the only heather-laden grouse moorlands located in Northern England and Scotland, this exclusive game requires painstaking preparation before the shoot can go underway. The four month season follows over eight months of managed breeding, protection and careful environmental control by Gamekeepers. If you’re one of the lucky few to be out on the moorlands during a grouse shoot, then you will know the privilege that this experience carries.

Musto Shooting Clothing

The Musto Shooting Collection serves a practical purpose for life in the field. And can be some of the most versatile kit in your wardrobe. This line of innovative performance clothing for Autumn 2017 keep you comfortable and looking smart in the direst of conditions.

Start the season early. Watch the Musto AW17 shooting range in action here.

Musto Shooting Collection



Musto Shooting Collection

Watch the video


Open Season For Tweed

Tweed fabric features microscopic scales. These lock together and agitate when washed resulting in a stiff and coarse handle. When these fibres are damaged, tweed garments lose their shape and structure, which means your once-flattering garment now hangs in a worn, misshapen way. To preserve the vibrancy and quality of the yarn in Musto’s Lightweight Machine Washable Gore-Tex® Tweed Jacket, the brand has developed an exclusive plasticising process alongside Lovat Scottish Mill. This uniquely innovative process consolidates the cloth and ensures that the original handle, vibrancy of colour and shape are maintained when washed at 30°C. The result is a highly durable, easy-to-clean tweed garment that maintains its look. For truly superior weather protection, the jacket also features a GORE-TEX® 2-Layer Z Liner. This Z Liner lies between the jacket’s tweed outer and the lining. When water permeates through the tweed fabric it meets the resilient GORE-TEX® waterproof Z Liner. It then runs down this sheet of fabric and out of the breathable mesh panel at the bottom so it never meets your clothing or your skin. The result is that you stay supremely dry and warm in wet weather. 

Musto Light Gore Tex Tweed Shooting Jacket

Hit The Mark in Highland

Over thirty years ago, Musto launched its Highland Jacket – an instant hit in the shooting market. Technological advancements have ensured updated designs and an expanded collection that saw the introduction of three weights: a heavier jacket for winter stalking, a medium weight for chilly weather and an ultra-light jacket for shoots in mild, changeable weather. Whether you’re stalking or trap shooting, GORE-TEX® fabric supplies complete windproof and waterproof protection, combined with breathability that keeps you comfortable when active. Its super-lightweight construction enhances mobility with plenty of storage offered through an array of pockets and retainer straps for the cartridge pockets. 


Musto Highland Gore Tex Shooting Jacket

A Keeper, No Matter The Weather

Musto is determined to make leaden wax shooting jackets a thing of the past. The Keepers Westmoor Jacket supplies enhanced performance to the shooting market by offering a waterproof, breathable and windproof construction that safeguards you against the elements. The brand’s 2-layer BR1 fabric ensures you’ll stay dry, warm and comfortable in wet conditions. A stud-off hood and inner stretch cuffs featuring a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment protects you in the rain and increases heat retention. Ample storage is also key during a shoot, which is why the jacket features large pockets with retainer straps for easy access to cartridges, reducing the amount of noise and movement when reloading. 

Musto Keepers Westmoor BR1 Shooting Jacket





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