Musto Technical Tweed

Musto's technical tweeds combine a classic country look with modern outdoor performance technologies


Lightweight stretch technical tweed


Manufactured in Scotland, Musto's Cheviot and Worsted wools blend a polyamide filament with Lycra®. This increases the strength and stretch of the tweed. An outer Teflon® finish reduces water absorption to enhance comfort and reduce the chances of staining.


Washable tweed


All wool fibres have a series of microscopic scales. These can lock together during the washing process. The result is a stiff, rough garment that has lost its shape.

Musto's unique plasticising process coats the scales, making them smooth and flexible. This ensures a distinct premium feel, vibrant colour and shape that withstands washing.


Macnab Printed tweed


A realistic herringbone tweed pattern is HD printed onto hardwearing, polyester tricot brushed outer. The result is a soft, natural feel combined with the premium aesthetic of tweed. The laminate is waterproof, windproof and breathable for comfort. The mesh lining reduces noise generated through friction - ideal for stalking and game shooting.

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