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Discover Vestas 11th Hour Racing
Discover Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing

About Vestas 11th Hour Racing

Vestas are returning to the Volvo Ocean Race for a second consecutive edition, after launching their 2017-18 campaign in partnership with 11th Hour Racing.
The team will be led by American duo Charlie Enright and Mark Towill, who had their first taste of the Volvo Ocean Race back in 2014-15.
Vestas 11th Hour Racing has two core aims: to do well on the water and promote a sustainable message across the world.
Vestas 11th Hour Racing finished in third place in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race.

Why choose Musto?

Charlie Enright - Skipper
“When you’re engaged in something as competitive and complex as the Volvo Ocean Race, you try to control what you’re able to control and eliminate as many variables as possible. When it comes to gear, and staying dry, there’s really only one choice out there and that’s Musto. I’ve had the pleasure of using Musto for the last 10 years, and I can tell you their products are comfortable, robust, consistent, and most importantly…dry! From the base layers to the outer layers, they really think about the entirety of your kit. How does it fit, can you be active, is it warm, is it wicking? The attention to detail when it comes to things as simple as accessories is considerable.. They’ve made huge strides in their footwear collections in recent years. The deck shoes are great, the boots we just wore on our transatlantic journey were light, comfortable, warm and dry. They’ve even begun to develop a rubber slip-on at the request of VOR sailors who spend time in the middle latitudes. When doing the Volvo Ocean Race, it’s a mile a minute, and by partnering with Musto, we’ve removed uncertainty and allowed ourselves to focus on the goal ahead."

Mark Towill - Team Director
“Very simply - Musto make the best products. Their foul weather gear is second to none when it comes to breathability and reliability”.

Discover Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing
Discover Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing

Meet The Sailors

Charlie Enright - Skipper
A young Rhode Island, USA, native who has already accumulated thousands of offshore miles and inshore racing results, including a Transatlantic and Rolex Fastnet Race in 2011. Before dedicating himself full time to the Volvo Ocean Race campaign, Charlie was working at North Sails Rhode Island and managed multiple sailing campaigns for All American Ocean Racing. He skippered Team Alvimedica in the previous race and will now lead, alongside Mark Towill, Vestas 11th Hour Racing in their mission to win the Volvo Ocean Race and promote sustainability.

Mark Towill - Team Director
Mark joined the Volvo Ocean Race back in 2014-15 with over 15,000nm offshore racing and six major ocean crossings. He sailed with Team Alvimedica, alongside skipper Charlie Enright and the team finished 5th overall.

Future goal

Vestas 11th Hour Racing have two clearly defined goals:

  1. Win the Volvo Ocean Race
  2. Promote a sustainable message across the world.

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