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Six ways to support the British Countryside

For centuries, the British countryside has been a source of inspiration. Very few people can look over its rolling valleys and hills or wander through its ancient woodlands and feel nothing. It’s this connection to nature and history, and an appreciation of how far the British countryside and its communities go in sustaining the nation at large that make it worth protecting. That’s why Musto supports the British countryside, and those who live in it, through its partnership with The Prince’s Countryside Fund. With 5% from the sale of each garment in The Prince’s Countryside Fund Collection going towards spurring on the incredible work this charity do, Musto is helping make sure that generations to come can enjoy these amazing rural landscapes.

If you want to get involved in doing your bit to ensure this happens, here are six ways you can support the British countryside too:

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Support British Countryside

  1. Buy local – Whether you’re on the hunt for sausages or rustling up some vegetables, why not visit an independent butcher or even buy directly from a local farm? It has been reported in The Prince’s Countryside Fund’s report, Who’d Be a Farmer Today’ that 7 out of 10 villages in England no longer have a village shop. These shops are important for members of the community who don’t have access to transport or need to stay closer to home, so if you are visiting or living in the countryside, try and buy your groceries from a local shop.
  2. Head down to the pub – The British love heading down to their favourite pub with friends. Despite this, eighteen pubs are reported to be closing each week according to Campaign For Real Ale. To help prevent more from closing, have a pub lunch or a drink. Many rural pubs also offer a walk, so you can start and finish at their establishment. And why reach for your standard pint or glass when you’re there? There are many local beers, ciders and wines which may not be available in towns or cities. When you are visiting the countryside, try one of the local brands rather than a big-label brand – The Fund loves Farm Yard ales from Cumbria.
  3. Visit a local attraction – When you’re next in the countryside, or if you’re lucky enough to be a member of a rural community, make sure you’re visiting local attractions. Not only is this a great way of learning about the area, supporting local businesses is incredibly important to ensuring that rural communities are viable and sustainable. What’s more, many rural schools and churches hold summer fetes. The money raised often goes to a good cause, so you’re helping the community while having fun.
  4. Holiday at home – Okay, so the UK isn’t generally known for its tropical temperatures. But a British summer holiday can be just as relaxing as going abroad and some beaches on your doorstep are as beautiful as those in the Mediterranean. Rural areas are some of the most popular UK holiday destinations and spending your money here rather than abroad can help support these rural communities. Speak to a local. They’ll know the best places to visit in their area, so you can find some hidden gems
  5. Eat native breeds – Have you heard of Aberdeen Angus cattle? There are many other native breeds which we need to support to ensure that they continue to be bred. Try the Ruby Red Devon next time you are in the South West, or a Belted Galloway if you’re in Scotland.
  6. Keep visiting  – A large population of the UK live in urban areas and don’t make it out into the countryside. Research published by the Prince’s Countryside Fund in 2017 found that 1 in 8 young people had never seen a cow in real life. It is important for children and adults to learn about the countryside and better understand where the food on the shelves in the local supermarket comes from. The countryside can be enjoyed by walking, cycling, hiking, kayaking and many more activities. So next time you have a free weekend, consider going rural.


Feeling inspired? Plan your next visit to the country while remembering to kit yourself out in the best outdoor pieces from The Prince’s Countryside Fund Collection.




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