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As outdoor lovers, the environment is our playground and we must care for it. That’s why, at MUSTO, we strive to create the premium garments that really last so we don’t create a throw-away culture that damages the environment. You can bring MUSTO with you on all your adventures again and again and again! Because we believe our products should last, we have been offering service and repairs since the beginning in 1964. So, if it’s broke, fix it!


Repairs made necessary by normal wear and tear or accidental damage can usually be carried out through the MUSTO Repair Service. The average turnaround time is between 14 to 28 days. Please note that, at this time, we unfortunately are unable to carry out repairs on footwear and luggage.

Before returning your garment, you must clean it first. A non-cleaned garment will be sent back without being repaired.

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Please contact our Customer Service Team, they will assess your needs and guide you through the Repairs Process. Before calling, make sure you have the following information ready:

- Product Code (the product code can be found inside the wash care label)

- The colour and size of the product

- The fault location and the type of services you’d like to have


Please note that prices will be confirmed prior to any work being undertaken and no work will be carried out until both approval and payment for work has been received. Anything with a potential shade variation (ie: panel replacement / zip) will be photographed and be sent for approval prior to any work being undertaken.

Due to the diverse range of fabrics and trims we use, some alterations might not be included in the list above. If so, please contact our Customer Service Team. They will be happy to quote any alterations upon request.
Please note, that we currently cannot replace glued seals or drysuit zips. However, this can be carried out by approved repair centres, whose details we are happy to supply.

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By having your garment repaired by MUSTO, you can be sure that the integrity of the garment is preserved. Should any repair fail to perform within a reasonable period, we will re-assess the repair upon its own merit.
Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any goods returned to us that are damaged or lost in transit.


Washing, drying and ironing can shorten the life of your garments. Take care of your MUSTO garments so that they can take care of you. Read our tips for cleaning and storing your garments so that they last even longer.


For teams and corporate customers please contact your representative.
Product Repairs

Product Repairs

If it's broke, fix it!

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